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High school is a memorable and special time. At certain points in a person’s life, they will reminisce about their high school days. The experience will be different for every person. Some will be happy, others will feel melancholic, while others will be regretful.

Regret is the last thing you want to feel. You can avoid that by taking advantage of your youth while it’s still here and maximizing your time. Sure, it is a phase of exploration and enjoyment, but don’t overdo it. High school is an ideal time to prepare for your future.

But to start, you must first know the career you want to pursue. What you need is a specific career map that will guide your path. Unsure of where to begin? Try taking a Career Assessment.

career assessment | Find your Future

What should you study to get the career of your dreams?

Are you undecided as to what to study?  What career best fits your personality?

Choose a career that matches your preferences and you will increase your chances of being successful!

Business Health & Theology Academy | Assessment Report:

The career assessment concludes with an assessment report that discusses the most important conclusions. The report gives a clear overview of abilities, interests and talents and constitutes a sound career advice for the candidate.

Career assessment is a way to learn more about how well a variety of careers might suit you. The assessment focuses on a specific area, such as skills, interests, or values. Typically, an assessment asks you to answer questions about what you like, don’t like, what’s important to you, and what your strengths are.

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Three sessions per client

Cost – R 650.00 (All included)

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