5 Day Theory Training Course | 520 Voluntary Community Practical hours

It has never been more important than now to invest in training executives in the areas of health, strategy and palliative care.
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Do students have a choice of where they want to do their practical hours?

No – the number of hours is prescribed by the South African Seta. The Academy will place the student in a variety of institutions to ensure that they get the necessary range of exposure to the clinical areas that are required.

ANY illegal conduct will result in immediate expulsion of the student.

First Five Days:

After the first five days of theory a Final Examination will be written and a PoE must be completed (Tests, Assignments & Final Examination)


Academy Fees are revised annually:  

An R500 (Admin fees) nonrefundable deposit is charged upon acceptance as a student to the Academy. On the day of registration as a student, the amount for the course is payable.  All fees for the course should be paid within the first week after the beginning of the course. 

Default of Payment:  

A student who fails to pay the prescribed fees by the dates as prescribed, shall not be registered, and may be;

  • Refused admission to tests and examinations;
  • Withheld the examination results and/or certificates until the outstanding fees have been settled in full.

Liability of Students:  

A student who has been admitted to the Academy and who signs the registration form shall be fully liable for all fees payable to the Academy in accordance with the prescribed conditions and regulations.  Fees and conditions of payment and other rules and regulations are determined by the Academy and may be amended without prior notice.



No refunds will be done.